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Cindy Sage FitzHenry Fitzwell Interiors

Principal Designer Cindy Sage FitzHenry

Interior Designer
Fitzwell Interiors, Inc.

Designer Cindy Sage FitzHenry, the owner of Fitzwell Interiors, attended Brooks College, Long Beach, CA. 1992 Associate of Arts degree, Interior Design.

As a design professional and founder of Fitzwell Interiors Inc. since 2008, Cindy has worked with residential projects ranging from custom home specifications to complete furniture installations. Prior to that, she worked for TD Desert Development as a Designer and Sunrise Company as an Assistant Designer. Both places her work heavily concentrated on home building and furnishings allowing her to practice and acquire her keen design instincts.

Both in recent positions and in her business today, her scope of responsibilities includes everything from client consultations, custom home specifications, furnishing, space planning and custom cabinet design to construction changes and management. As with all projects, she combines her knowledge and vision to develop design solutions that are safe, functional, attractive and utilitarian.