Design Services

Fitzwell Interiors complete offering of design services, which takes the job from first meeting to final move-in, includes in-home residential consulting and purchasing, installation supervision / project management and custom home specifications. We also offer design consulting to people who seek to enhance a residence for sale. In the end, when you’ve been heard, the quality of the work speaks volumes.

Our design team meets with you in your home to discuss your needs and parameters. We then evaluate your requirements and agree on a plan of action. Whether it’s a small remodeling job or complete new construction, we are here to help. 

We develop an overall design concept which, based on your needs, will determine the direction and style of your interior. The concept drives the project, based on your stated preferences, and is the point of departure for all subsequent design decisions.

Installation Supervision / Project Management

Our design services team meets with you in your home to discuss your needs and from furnishings to remodeling and custom cabinetry to carpeting, many specific installations and construction projects require hands-on supervision. We supervise each aspect ensuring that everything is completed properly, on time, and with the highest level of quality.

Custom Home Specifications

We study and evaluate your floorplan and then, based on a discussion of your needs and preferences, specify the finishes for each aspect of your residence. This is a process that can be both time-consuming and daunting to many homeowners, and we can greatly facilitate the process.

Interior Enhancement

For people who wish to put a residence on the market, we can improve the aesthetics of their home as well as maximize opportunities for sale. We evaluate and advise homeowners on how to change each room’s furniture placement, what to keep and what to remove, working with their existing inventory to create an inviting and attractive environment. Using the same design instincts and knowledge of what makes an interior work, we help you transform your home into a more marketable commodity.

When the designer listens to you, the work speaks for itself.